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As a Small Business Owner…

You’ve got a brilliant idea. You’ve developed a great offer to help your clients. You’ve had mindset coaching. And you might even have written a marketing plan.

Now, you’ve just got to build a website; a sales funnel, automated emails, payment processing, content, and social media posts – and connect all this together with the least amount of effort and money. This is not an easy task.

an octopus with tentacles trying to manage social media posts, website, billing, branding and marketing

Everything is in place, except the tech…

That’s where I’ve seen small business owners get stuck. Their goals are clear. The right mindset is in place. And they’ve got buckets of motivation. But there’s just so much to do and not enough time.

And as they’re sucked into the details of every part of their business, it’s harder to focus on the bigger picture.

“David has added freedom and ease in my working life. From the moment we started working together, I gained more time and peace of mind due to his efficient and calm approach to everything I ask of him. David is fantastic – reliable, accurate, fast, intelligent and versatile. Without the stress I previously experienced, I can now focus on the bigger picture.”

Mel Larsen

Small Business Coach and Audience Development Consultant

I’ve been supporting small businesses since 2008. 

I started as a virtual assistant helping a handful of small business owners with some invoicing and answering some email enquiries.

My work has evolved into web development, email marketing, design and copywriting, but most small business owners are now looking to create ways to automate their sales and marketing and create sales funnels.

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“I contacted David as a temporary measure to help keep my business running while I was away on honeymoon. I’ve hired various freelancers in the past from different locations around the world and have been unhappy with the outcome. The thing I like about working with David is I never need to check what he has done for me. If anything HE checks what I have done! His grammar and writing abilities are excellent. It is great to know that I can give him a process to follow and he will reliably implement it.”

Rob Drummond

Copywriter and Trainer at Maze Mastery and Story Copywriters

What do you mean by, “Working the Good Life”?

To me, Working the Good Life means finding fulfilment and satisfaction in my work, and balancing this with a healthy and fulfilling personal life. It means having the opportunity to do work that is meaningful and purposeful, and that aligns with my values. It also means having the time and resources to pursue my interests and passions outside of work, and to cultivate strong relationships with my friends and loved ones. Working the Good Life means finding balance and happiness in every part of my life.

My guides towards living and working a balanced life are ancient wisdom in the form of Stoicism and Zen Buddhism, the natural world and the discoveries we’re making in science to better understand our minds.

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“David is, without a doubt, one of the most skilled, reliable and efficient people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He has helped build the BRAVA brand from inception and is responsible for all our back-end development, customer liaison and social activity. He is an excellent listener and problem solver and consistently enables the smooth running of our day-to-day operations. He does a fantastic job and I could not recommend him highly enough.”

Melissa Thom

Founder & Director, Bristol Academy of Voice Acting (BRAVA)