How do I know when it’s worth asking for help?

As you’re on my site, then you’ve probably already at the point where you feel you need to get some help – to outsource some of the tasks you do each day. But it can be challenging to know what sort of tasks to delegate and who to trust.

If you’re an owner or the founder of a small business, delegating your work can feel like an even more impossible task. You spend so much time thinking about your business. You have worked hard to get your small business off the ground, that thinking about handing off any responsibility to another person can feel scary.

Even if the task is something you dislike doing, something that causes you stress or something you can’t find the time to do, it’s difficult to take a step and pass those tasks to someone you don’t know. Someone who you’ve no idea how competent they are. Or whether they are trustworthy and reliable. Sometimes it’s easier to do the horrid task than deal with the anxiety of asking someone else to handle it.

No matter how much you love your work, there will come a time when you have to delegate some of the things that you can’t do yourself to others. And this is often the most difficult part of any entrepreneur’s journey. But delegating your work is crucial to scaling a business and doing it in a way that won’t run you into the ground.

That’s one reason why I usually start created my “Getting Started” service. This service is a way that you can start working with me with very little financial risk to you.

What is your “Getting Started ” service?

What if you could email someone for help and get advice specific to your business and circumstances? No more searching for hours on Google for a vague or general answer.

Imagine getting advice from someone will take the time to ask about what you do and understand the products you’re offering – and really be excited by what you’re offering. And someone that will respond with an answer that is tailored to your business.

And what if, while you’re asking your questions and getting answers, you’ll build a relationship with a real person – not a search engine or a thousand voices within an online forum. Perhaps in the process you discover some tasks you’re ready to outsource.

That’s how I start working with most of my clients. It’s a first step for getting to know clients and their business. And a great opportunity for people to get to know me and what I offer.

Over the years that David MacGregor has worked for me he has skilfully combined functional component strengths (web development research, analysis etc) with an intelligent approach. This means my jobs always are completed to a high standard and the process has been fully thought through. Unlike other remote consultants David MacGregor is able to spots the gap in what I am asking for and comment, for example, “it sounds like you are trying to achieve X, have you thought about Y?” which greatly enhances the result. Equally he is content to just take a task, complete it and send it back. David has a sensitive approach with confidential information. Wholly trustworthy.

Verena Cornwall FRSA, Head of Culture and Place at Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

How it works

Email your question to me, and I’ll respond with the best possible tailored answer I can give for your business.

That’s it. Simple and easy.

But you can ask as many questions as you like for as long as you remain subscribed to the Ask David Anything service.

I don’t write blogs about which tools, apps and strategies that small business owners should use. The advice I give isn’t prescriptive. I don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. Each business and business owner is different. And the tools and apps we use are evolving all the time. And so does our business and services. What is ideal for one person’s business this year might not be the best solution next year.

Instead, over the 10 years I’ve worked with small business owners, I’ve specialised as a generalist when it comes to the support and advice that small business owners want.

The monthly charge also functions as a retainer – it ensures that I schedule time available in my working week to handle any tasks you may ask me to do.

If you are looking for someone who really brings a precision and focus to your individual needs and those of your business, then look no further …David provides an extraordinary level of efficiency, attentiveness and consistency to everything he does. You can rely on clear communication and a rapid response from him ! His capacity to ‘really tune in and hear’, interpret your specific needs and then provide a fitting response is second to none.

Catherine Rushforth, Safeguarding Training and Coach

Sign up for “Getting started” Support for only €37 per month

I offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you realise that you don’t find a use for my support or advice during the first month, I’ll refund you. And if you want to sign up again, that’s fine. I won’t hold it against you. I realise there’s an ebb and flow, a coming and going in everything in life.

Similarly, if you don’t like the advice that I offer, let me know, and I’ll offer a refund.