Design work

Theatre poster design
La Ronde is a play written by Arthur Schnitzler in 1897 and first printed in 1900 for his friends. The play explores the sexual morals and class ideology of the late 19th/early 20th century through a series of encounters between pairs of characters at different levels of society.

The performance took place in Sartrouville in May 2017.

Poster design for a theatre performance in Paris, France. The play followed characters living a rural life in Andalusia, in the south of the? Iberian peninsula in Spain. The music of the region is heavily influenced by guitars in the form of flamenco and rock.

Poster for A Midsummer Night’s Dream
“Lovers and madmen have such seething brains,
Such shaping fantasies, that apprehend
More than cool reason ever comprehends.
The lunatic, the lover and the poet
Are of imagination all compact:
One sees more devils than vast hell can hold,
That is, the madman: the lover, all as frantic,
Sees Helen’s beauty in a brow of Egypt:
The poet’s eye, in fine frenzy rolling,
Doth glance from heaven to earth, from earth to heaven;
And as imagination bodies forth
The forms of things unknown, the poet’s pen
Turns them to shapes and gives to airy nothing
A local habitation and a name.”

Theseus, (act 5, scene 1)

Squash Art
“They call soccer the beautiful game, but if I had to identify just one sport to show members of some alien species what the human race is all about, I’d nominate squash.”

Cass Sunstein, American Lawyer

Theatre Poster Design
L’le des esclaves (in French) is a one-act comedy by Pierre de Marivaux. It was presented for the first time on March 5, 1725 at the Hotel de Bourgogne by the Comédie Italienne. The play combines Greek characters, a tragic shipwreck and social commentary. The play is essentially a comedy with its confusion of sentiments and exchange of power between masters and slaves.

I was commissioned to create the poster for the performance at the Proscenium in Paris, France. Using an iconic palm tree silhouette to represent the island, I flipped it upside down to represent the reversal of roles for the survivors of the shipwreck.

Self-portrait design project
Started with B&W, then cut-out filter, several layers and masks and then different newspaper clippings placed over each mask and levels adjusted for some of these layers.

Created with Adobe Photoshop

Poster design for school event
La journée de la méditerranée (Mediterranean Day) was an entire day at school dedicated to all things related to the Mediterranean Sea and surrounding countries, with exhibitions, music, dance, sports and food.

Poster design for the play, Les Pas Perdues
Place of goodbyes and farewells, place of bruised stories, disjointed decisions, victorious flights, place of all suffering, all questions and all hopes, place of warm tears and hasty oaths, place of last smiles , words you will never forget and kisses given for life, here is the station.

The station declined in all its forms, from the most banal to the most unexpected, teeming with humanity. A multitude of individual trajectories juxtaposed by the magic of the theatre.

Poster design for the play, Le Chat Botté (Puss in Boots)
Le Chat Botté, published in 1797, testifies to the singular genius with which Ludwig Tieck adapted the famous tale told by Perrault a century earlier. The German author made the adventures of the Cat Master into a little satirical comedy, a marvel of irony, the scenes of which are all more astonishing than the others. Determined to question the theatrical illusion, Tieck resorts to the process of the theatre in the theatre with an unbridled imagination.

I was inspired by the poster for Monty Python and The Holy Grail. A combination of illustration and photos of the characters in the play.