The Adventures of a Little Boundary Breaker

Dive into baby Alexandre's enchanting adventure as he explores his bedroom's hidden realms and reveals the importance of embracing the unknown and pushing boundaries.

As new parents, we want to create a space for our baby that fosters exploration. Drawing inspiration from the Montessori method, we designed his room with a floor mattress free of barriers and cushioned tiles covering his entire bedroom.

Once upon a morning, I hesitantly embark on a grand adventure within the sunlit sanctuary of my bedroom.

I leave my friends on Mattress Mountain with trepidation and determination to discover the farthest reaches of my universe and recover the fabled Orb of Wonders.

My expedition begins as I nervously pull myself towards the end of my mattress, encountering the first boundary between the familiar and the unknown.

Peering over the edge, fingers gripping tightly, I marvel at the panoramic view of the ocean below. The alternating blue and white floor tiles stretch as far as my eyes can see.

With a deep breath, I carefully descend the cliff to the shore, the blue waves crashing against the rocks. Then, looking across the vastness of the Chequered Sea before me, I gather all my courage and curiosity and hesitantly pull myself forward to enter the roaring waters.

As soon as I enter the sea, I spot Monkey Pirate in his vibrant, patched-up ship coming around the corner of Mattress Mountain. With his red and gold cap and mischievous grin, Monkey Pirate is known for seeking treasures far and wide. Monkey Pirate’s favourite treasures are glowing dummies, and I have the most beautiful and powerful of all dummies – the Infinity Dummy.

Feeling slightly more confident, I swim as fast as possible through the checkerboard landscape of salty waves and whirlpools, leaving Monkey Pirate’s ship bobbing in my wake.

As I venture deeper into the ever-changing waters of the Chequered Sea, my confidence grows, and I suddenly find myself face to face-with a colossal, tentacled creature emerging from the depths.

I lock eyes with the creature, pull a colourful toy from my pocket and toss it into the distance. The octopus pursues it curiously, entranced by the toy’s brightness and unexpected movement. Seizing this opportunity, I propel myself past the distracted creature, safely advancing through the treacherous waters.

But with each stroke through the water, the effort is more than the last, and I’m exhausted. Doubt creeps in, and I wonder if I can continue this incredible journey. With the Orb of Wonders still beyond my reach, I am unsure if I can persevere.

But then a mighty whale singing the most melodic of songs joins me.

Sensing my need for assistance, the whale kindly allows me to hold onto his side fin, propelling me through the water quickly and easily. As we move together, my confidence swells, buoyed by the support and companionship of my new friend. This gentle giant effortlessly glides through the water, acknowledging me with a nod and a smile.

On and on we swim until finally we reach the edge of the Chequered Sea. The waters become too shallow for my new friend. He must leave me to continue my adventure. He nods and smiles and shoots off back into the deep ocean.

At last, crawling out of the sea, I arrive at the ultimate boundary: the imposing Guardian’s Gate that marks the edge of my world. The metal bars, interwoven like an ancient tree’s branches, form a formidable barrier that stands guard over the uncharted territory beyond and the Orb of Wonders on the other side.

But the gate is too tall and too strong, even for me. Undaunted, I have an idea: call the gate’s guardians and convince them to open it for me.

Gripping the gate with one hand, I rake my glowing dummy across the bars in a rhythmic, almost defiant act of resistance. The sound echoes across the land beyond.

The Guardians, towering figures draped in soft green and blue and red robes, dislike the sound and immediately arrive to open the gate.

I wriggle through and recover the Orb of Wonders, a glowing, swirling sphere that seems to contain the mysteries of the universe. My confidence, now fully realised, shines as bright as the Orb.


The tale of Alexandre’s daring journey across Mattress Mountain and the Chequered Sea is a powerful metaphor for small business owners venturing into the unknown.

Like Alexandre, small business owners can benefit from embracing their curiosity and determination to overcome obstacles and succeed.

Exploring new territories and pushing boundaries can take various forms in small businesses. Here are a few ways small business owners can learn from Alexandre’s adventure and apply these lessons to their ventures:

  1. Embrace Innovation: Alexandre’s creativity and resourcefulness in outmanoeuvring the octopus and unlocking the Guardian’s Gate can inspire small business owners to innovate and adapt. Seek out new technologies, strategies, and ideas to stay ahead of the competition and offer fresh solutions to your customers.
  2. Learn from Challenges: As Alexandre faced various challenges throughout his journey, he gained valuable experience and grew more confident in his abilities. Small business owners can also view challenges as opportunities for growth and development, learning from setbacks and refining their approach.
  3. Collaborate Strategically: Alexandre’s encounter with the mighty whale highlights the importance of forming strategic alliances. Partnering with other businesses or individuals can offer valuable resources, expertise, and support to help your small business thrive.
  4. Trust Your Instincts: Throughout his journey, Alexandre trusted his instincts to guide him, even when faced with the unknown. Small business owners can also listen to their intuition and make decisions that align with their vision and values.
  5. Keep Exploring: Alexandre’s insatiable curiosity and thirst for adventure led him to the Orb of Wonders. Similarly, small business owners can continuously seek new opportunities, markets, and ideas to grow and evolve their businesses.

By taking inspiration from Alexandre’s adventure, small business owners can embrace exploration, overcome obstacles, and unlock their full potential.

Just as Alexandre discovered the Orb of Wonders, you too, may find your version of success by pushing the boundaries and venturing beyond the edges of your comfort zone.